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Monday, 2 July 2012

The Maxi Tale

   Aloha! Its the beginning of a new week and i've made a special request to God to make it wonderful for my readers.Today its the maxi look,easy one and i got some tips.
If you're short go for a full lenght dress that snugs your body figure particularly around your hips and thighs.Also the V-shaped neckline will make you look taller and leaner.You want to pair it up with the pumps,wedges or high heeled sandals its alright for some extra height.Try a nude maxi dress its lovely.
The maxi dress is just perfect for the plus size,it minimises large hips.Go for wide straps and large prints,dark and neutral colours make you look slim.Remember not to hide your body in a loose-fitted dress let it fit snugly to your body figure without clinging.

Let's not leave out the beautiful ankara maxi dresses...check out the pictures and i am the proud designer of the beautiful white and pink dress.... yaaay!!


  1. Loving dis blog already :D..... I knw u'll kick ass... Keep it up! ------>D princess :D

  2. Unique is d word goddess,kip it cuming

  3. Nice 1!!keep up wiv d good work.

  4. I am proud of u baby u rock I nid to place orders asap

  5. Design mode activated, it's not easy at all, ride on...

  6. I so want the coral maxi dress and the black and yellow ankara outfit. lovely booboo...so proud :)