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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pointy Fun

hey people,hope u're having  a nice weekend cos i am.So its the very first post on scarlet activated and we're checking out pointy heels...shoes from back in the days and still in my mama's wardrobe...these shoes are back and hot and sexy...i wore mine 2day n i loved it...i got pictures..check em out...mwaaahhhh


  1. Never really been a fan of pointed shoes but one look at Kim K's shoes and I'm ready to change my mind. I'm really in love with the color tho.. Love this blog already and I'm really anticipating more from you Ena sweetieeeeee! This is great and the future is bright!!!

  2. Thanks alot Demigoddess....m gona work hard to keep u entertained

  3. Cool blog dearie....best of luck.

  4. Really Cool Booski!So Proud of You!

  5. Wow!!i actually got red pointy's recently as a gift and i sold dem,cos i tot it was outta fashion,Now am *sad* and wishin i cud get dem bk...cos Ena has showed us d'beauty in dem again..hehehe.Proud of u sweetheart.Kip it up.u definitely goin 2go places wit d'blog.