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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Kitchen And The Body

Sugar,eggs,strawberries,pineapples,honey and the matchbook,these items are not just for consumption and striking the match stick they got awesome abilities too,check this out.
Put half a teaspoon of sugar and a small amount of water on a toothbrush and scrub your lips,trust me that gives you Soft,Smooth and Kissable lips.

Break two eggs in a bowl,spread on
your face and allow to dry,rinse off and you have an instant face-lift.

Broken nail,cant find your nail file,use the strike strip on your matchbook that should do the trick.
Natural honey dislodges impurities and unclogs pores,so wake up on a saturday morning and slather on your face.
Strawberries and pineapples help lighten stains caused by dark foods and red wine.

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