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Monday, 13 August 2012

Recycled Jeans

I got a couple of jeans I was going to dump,and I am thinking why throw them away when I can create something out of it,so I decided to recycle them and take a look at what I came up with.

I cut this one and made it into a turn up,and that's me rocking it.
This one I decided to cut and put in pieces of our african fabric,I even tried to make out a love shape at the back.I really like this one though and I will post a picture whenever I go out with it.

    This is my best edited shorts,I cut the real pockets out and replaced it with ankara and let the pockets pop out.I also made a matching bangle to complete the look.

 So get busy with those jean or pant trousers you want to dump because they can be recycled into a fashion statement.Watch out for my next post I will be showing you pictures of ankara accessories made by me.Cheers!!!


  1. Love the new page look, and way to recycle used stuff, making the best out of everything...thumbs up...creative one...

  2. i love! u go girl..!