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Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Marley Updo

For this look, you'll be needing the following:
1. Bobby pins
2. Kinky braids.
3. Olive oil or any hair oil.
4. Leave-in Conditioner
5. Hair ruffle.

First I rubbed my hair oil and leave-in, then I combed my hair out and divided into 2 parts.Then i pack one side and clip the upper part to prevent it from disturbing me.

Next i create a bun by wraping a bit of my marley hair around a hair ruffle,afterwards,i attach it to my hair n pin it. Bobby pins are very important in creating this look.

Afterwards I took the marley hair and wove It like you can see in the picture above and i made a hump, next i added more marley weave to the tip to make it long enough to go round my hair.
I wrapped my hair around It instead of weaving like i did on the left side, this pattern is for those who cant weave by themselves.You take your hair right over the weave and pin it till it goes round completely and then you tuck the extra weave on any of the sides.

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